Ambrit’s calibration management software is designed to do two things…

  1. Mitigate business risk
  2. Enable more efficient workflows, saving time and money

The risk

Since their inception, spreadsheets have been used in many areas of industry, they are easy to use and highly flexible. However, is it their flexibility that can also pose their biggest threat. There are several documented instances where errors and typos in spreadsheets has literally cost businesses millions…

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Spreadsheets used in calibration management are no exception, a wrong formula or hard coded variable can lead to errors being undetected for years. They are troublesome to audit, logging changes to the work sheet and traceability to relevant standards is a problem.

The solution – Calibrate™

Ambrit solves this problem by delivering purpose built commercial software – Calibrate™ – that allows companies to rely less on spreadsheets in critical business processes. All calibration data is accessed via a web browser making sharing of data across your organisation simple. Calculations are performed centrally on a server which can be validated and audited easily.

Other benefits

Using Ambrit’s Calibration management software can…

  • Enhance your audibility
  • Improve your data security
  • Dramatically improve your real-time reporting
  • Ease your regulatory compliance

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