Record™ Metering Logbook

display-recordRecord™ transforms the traditional, inaccessible paper logbook filled with illegible entries into an online metering data portal that can be readily and securely accessed by interested parties.

In today’s increasingly regulated world, the requirement to formally document the operation and maintenance of complex process plant systems demands no justification. It is of paramount importance that actions and events can be recorded as they occur and shared with others expeditiously.

Record™ is an online metering logbook that is designed to effortlessly track any operational or maintenance changes made to metering instrumentation and test equipment as they occur; preserving them in a fully auditable list of events.

Its innovative interface allows logbook entries to be made from within a single screen, using form templates specifically designed to reflect each type of metering event, allowing operators and technicians to record their date and time stamped observations quickly and easily.

As pictures tell a thousand words, these logbook entries can easily be supplemented with images taken directly from a digital camera or with other file attachments such as Microsoft Word or Excel documents.

These manual logbook entries can be supplemented with automatic entries taken directly from Acquire™ when certain events occur. These automatic entries can also include meter totals with values taken directly from the flowcomputers.

Record™ provides users with a dual perspective on the entire operation by presenting both a process and an equipment view of the data; with the process view listing all events related to the station and the equipment view showing only events for a particular piece of equipment.

Record™ is one of the components in the Metrology™ suite.

Record™ at a glance...

  • Process and equipment logbook
  • Purpose built metering templates
  • Chronological timeline of all metering events
  • Manual / automatic event recording
  • Tracks movement of equipment

Record™ is part of the Metrology™ suite of integrated products

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    Record™ Features

  • Metrology™ Suite

    Extend your metering asset management capabilities with other applications in the Metrology suite to extend the view on the whole metering system, all of which interact with Record and use the same common equipment database.

    Profile™ – Data Acquisition and Reporting
    Calibrate™ – Calibration and Scheduling
    Approve™ – Meter Proving & Flow Meter Calibration
    Record™ – Process and Equipment Logbook
    Inspect™ – Audit Management

  • Manage Equipment

    Record™ has a built-in equipment database, called Inventory™, that tracks all equipment involved on the metering station. Equipment is represented in an intuitive navigation panel that reflects the hierarchy of the site. Information such as the manufacturer, model or type, serial number, date of installation, history of usage, last calibration date and location on the plant is all tracked for every piece of equipment regardless of whether it is in active service, in stores, off site for maintenance or repair or no longer used. This equipment data can be shared between other applications in the Metrology™ suite.

  • Multi-Lingual

    Record™ dynamically translates the entire user interface to reflect the native language of the user and includes support for non-roman script languages such as Arabic, Russian and Chinese. Multiple languages can be used simultaneously.

  • User Access

    Record™ allows access to the system to be restricted on a user-by-user basis, providing full control over what each user can or cannot do. Record™ is multi user straight out of the box with no restriction to the number of users that can connect to the server and with no expensive user licenses to buy.

  • Online Web Browser Access

    Access to Record™ is with a standard web browser, providing easy access to logbook data securely over the corporate intranet to auditors, management and other remote users. As Record™ uses standard web technology; access can even be extended over the Internet. Record™ can manage logbooks for multiple sites from a centralised server, with access to the server securely controlled and monitored by Record™.

  • HMI Integration

    Automatic logbook entries can be taken to the extreme with Acquire™ which can automatically write logbook entries straight into Record™ when certain conditions are met such as a stream opening and closing, or a prove completes occur or even when an alarm or other custom criteria is met. Acquire™ will also record associated flow computer values and totals along with each logbook entry.

  • Automatic Events

    Even though Record™ makes it really easy to make entries in to the logbook, it makes life even easier by doing some of the work itself. Events such as adding new equipment, moving it to a different location or changing an equipment’s parameter are automatically recorded in the logbook.

    Furthermore, other applications in the Metrology™ suite can also post entries directly into the logbook. Events like completed calibrations and published audits can also be recorded automatically.

  • Audit Trail

    Record™ provides a full audit trail of events that would easily pass the detailed scrutiny of even the most rigorous external auditor. Once entries are made they are committed to the database for ever and the logbook entry is security sealed to prevent them from being tampered with. Equipment records also cannot be removed from the database once the first logbook event made against them to ensure that there is a full audit trail. Record™ does allow users to delete their mistakes, but one click is all that brings them back to the auditor’s attention.

  • Add Comments

    Once a logbook entry has been made it is committed to the audit trail and can no longer be modified. These entries can, however, be supplemented with additional comments and attachments should subsequent information arise after the main event has occurred.

  • Attach Other Documents

    Logbook entries are not just limited to text. Entries can be embellished with supporting files to provide more information. Pictures from a digital camera can be imported and displayed within the logbook. Other document types such as Microsoft Word or Excel can also be included. In fact, Record allows multiple file attachments to be added to each logbook entry.

  • Record Events

    Record™ features more than 30 different metering logbook event templates that are contextually linked to different areas of the metering station, so adding a logbook entry for a prover presents different templates to adding a logbook entry for a piece of equipment etc. These specialized templates ensure all the necessary information for a given event is collected at the time of entry.