Profile™ Measurement SCADA

Profile™ is an enterprise-level Measurement SCADA system that automatically collects and manages all the data generated by a flow computer.

display-profileCollecting comprehensive and accurate data is the key part of any measurement system, but most large flow measurement systems are managed by traditional, monolithic Control SCADA systems that focus on the overall movement of product across an entire system but ignore the valuable measurement data generated by the flow computer.

Profile is different – collecting all the production and batch data, prove results and reports directly from each flow computer on the network and storing it centrally so that it can be shared securely with technicians, engineers, managers, accountants and customers.

Profile provides flow measurement teams with the information needed to perform their roles to the full whilst building a credible audit trail of the production data.

Applications include:

  • Large Pipeline and Distribution Networks
  • LACT and Crude Oil Gathering Systems
  • Truck and Rail Loading/Unloading Facilities

With out-of-the-box installation, there is no reliance on system integrators or authorized service providers to unlock operational features or capabilities. Profile ensures consistency of service, performance, compliance, and security even for global enterprise-level deployments. The licensing and delivery model also allows Profile users to scale up and down in a fast, cost effective manner as operating requirements or asset ownerships change.

Profile™ at a glance...

  • Measurement SCADA
  • Centralized data collection
  • Real-time access with control
  • Historical data collection
  • Batch and prove data
  • Flow computer report and distribution
  • Controlled access to the flow computer

Profile™ is part of the Metrology™ suite of integrated products

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Measurement SCADA

Profile automatically connects to every RTU on the network, gathering their historical data, alarms, audit events, batches, proves and other reports at regular intervals.

Profile has native support for a wide range of RTUs and flow computers and can communicate using a number of different protocols, including Modbus, OPC and Ethernet IP.

Profile can also gather data from various network topologies, including Ethernet, canopy radio, GPRS, 3G, 4G, LTE, satellite or directly from a VIATM data gateway. This approach allows Profile to collect data from an array of distributed RTUs, providing a comprehensive overview of the entire measurement system.

Secure access to measurement data

Security is paramount for all industrial systems. Best practice dictates that a network should be divided into separate zones with heavily regulated firewalls controlling the traffic between them to prevent hackers or viruses from accessing mission-critical control systems. But these security measures often restrict access to important measurement data too.

Profile solves this challenge by providing three levels of servers that have different capabilities based on the network zone in which they are installed and can transfer data in one direction from one server to the next:

Profile™ SCADA is installed on the SCADA network. Profile collects data directly from RTUs on the process network or from VIA gateways, with centrally managed access to those devices.

Profile™ Cascade provides the link between different network segments. It allows traffic to pass from the SCADA network, up through one or more DMZs, to the enterprise or even to the cloud.

Profile™ Enterprise can be installed on the enterprise network or in the cloud and receives a regular stream of data from lower network levels. Users have read-only access to all the measurement data but with no physical access to the RTUs.

    Profile™ Features

  • Easy Setup

    A complete system can be put together in minutes with no software skills required. Profile has built-in support for a wide variety of RTUs and starts collecting data as soon as the RTU’s communication details have been entered.

  • Historical Data Analysis

    All data is stored indefinitely, making long term trending and data analysis quick and easy. Data can be displayed as a chart or as a table, and can even be exported into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

  • Profile™ + VIA™

    VIA is a purpose-designed data gateway for measurement data. Unrestricted by bandwidth or other network limitations, VIA can collect real-time data from legacy hardware and upload it securely to Profile for reporting and analysis. Read more

  • Batch Data

    Completed batches are automatically downloaded from the RTU, along with the RTU generated batch reports. Profile maintains a complete database of all the batches in the system, providing a fully traceable history. Batches can automatically be exported into a third party system for automated billing.

  • Reports

    Profile will connect to each RTU at regular intervals and download its report data as either a native RTU-generated report or as raw data. These reports are stored in the Profile database and can be printed, archived to disk or sent via email. Find archived reports easily by selecting them from a graphical calendar.

  • Native Support

    Out-of-the-box support for leading flow computers, RTUs and PLCs, including: Omni 3000/6000, Omni 4000/7000, ABB Flow-X series, Dynamic MVL/MP3/SFC, Emerson FloBoss 103/107, Emerson ROC 809/809L, Cameron NUFLO Scanner 2000, Endress + Hauser Promass 83F.

  • Issue Detection & Notifications

    Profile monitors incoming data for anomalies. Issues can be sent immediately by email or SMS, flagged in a daily summary email, and are archived for auditing purposes.

  • Enterprise Access

    Users on the enterprise network can easily access measurement data without requiring access to the lower-level SCADA systems. All data can be shared with other systems on the corporate network.

  • Measurement Data Lake

    Vast amounts of primary measurement data can be stored in a dedicated measurement data lake managed by Profile on the corporate enterprise network or the cloud.

  • User Access

    Restrict access on a user-by-user basis with full control over what each user can or cannot see and do at each site. Profile is multi-user straight out of the box with no restriction to the number of users that can connect and requires no expensive user licences.

  • Information Transparency

    Profile’s audit trail provides a full history of everything that happens in the field. All events are chronologically ordered and instantly searchable, meaning all measurement data can be definitively traced back to the source RTU for full traceability and accountability.

  • Web Browser Access

    Access RTUs from anywhere on your network with just a web browser. Profile provides secure access to your measurement data wherever you are.

  • Profile™ + Acquire™

    Link Profile™ and Acquire™ to get seamless integration between the two applications. One click transfers you from Profile to the Acquire P&ID, allowing you to build a state-of-the-art distributed metering system quickly and easily.

  • Security

    Deploy the web server safely on your network with full piece of mind. Profile has all the latest security built in to keep your sensitive data fully protected without you needing too be an IT graduate to get going.

  • Multi-Lingual

    Profile will dynamically translate the interface to reflect the native language of the user, including script languages, such as Arabic, Russian and Chinese. Multiple languages can be used simultaneously.