Approve™ Meter Proving

display-approveThe solution to web-enabled meter proving and flow meter calibration

All meters need to be proved regularly to ensure that they are operating within specified limits and comply with the Pipeline and Sales Agreements in operation. Flow computers perform rudimentary checks on the K factor / meter factor but the API Chapter 4.1 (Metering Systems Hierarchy of Proving Systems) calls for more stringent tests than the flow computer alone can provide. Furthermore, the prove data recorded has often been limited in scope, relying either on the basic prove reports generated by the flow computer or the use of nonstandard, unvalidated spreadsheets.

Approve™ is a web-based tool designed to effortlessly manage all the prove data generated by flow computers. The prove results from every prove performed are stored in a centralised database, creating a comprehensive and accurate prove history. This prove data can be shared instantly and securely across an entire corporate intranet or over the Internet, enabling technicians, auditors, operations and management to monitor the performance of every meter on the system.

Approve™ is fully compliant with the specifications defined in API chapter 13.2 (Statistical Methods of Evaluating Meter Proving Data) for evaluating the performance of turbine or displacement meters in custody transfer and non-custody transfer metering applications.

To achieve this, Approve™ runs a series of tests on every prove and presents the outcome as a simple pass or fail; and providing expert advice on the next steps should a prove fail its tests.

Approve™ helps visualise the performance of every meter by presenting the prove data as a series of high quality control charts. These charts can be used to demonstrate the results of each prove to quickly identify those meters that need to be re-calibrated or replaced.

By simplifying the process of recording prove data and verifying the prove results, Approve™ helps ensure that all flow meters are providing accurate measurements at all times in accordance with industry best practice; whilst easily demonstrating compliance to auditors and other interested parties.

Approve™ at a glance...

  • Meter performance tracking for bi-directional, uni-directional, compact and master meter provers
  • Manual / automatic prove entry
  • Validates flow computer prove results
  • Prove certificates
  • Historical control charts
  • Complies with API chapter 13.2

Approve™ is part of the Metrology™ suite of integrated products

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    Approve™ Features

  • Metrology™ Suite

    Extend your metering asset management capabilities with other applications in the Metrology suite to extend the view on the whole metering system, all of which interact with Record and use the same common equipment database.

    Profile™ – Data Acquisition and Reporting
    Calibrate™ – Calibration and Scheduling
    Approve™ – Meter Proving & Flow Meter Calibration
    Record™ – Process and Equipment Logbook
    Inspect™ – Audit Management

  • Equipment Database

    Approve™ has a built-in equipment database, called Inventory™, that tracks all equipment involved on the metering station. Equipment is represented in an intuitive navigation panel that reflects the hierarchy of the site. Information such as the manufacturer, model or type, serial number, date of installation, history of usage and location on the plant is all tracked for every piece of equipment regardless of whether it is active, in stores, off site for maintenance or repair or no longer used. Furthermore, the current base curve is automatically maintained for all meters. This equipment data can be shared between other applications in the Metrology™ suite.

  • Multi-Lingual


    Approve™ dynamically translates the entire user interface to reflect the native language of the user and includes support for non-roman script languages such as Russian and Chinese. Multiple languages can be used simultaneously.

  • User Access

    Approve has stringent security controls to prevent unauthorised access to the data. Every user has their own individual user account that defines their level of access to the system. Approve™ is multi-user straight out of the box with no restriction to the number of users that can connect to the server and with no expensive user licenses to buy.

  • Online Web Browser Access

    As Approve™ is a web based solution, one centralised server can manage the proves for multiple sites and can securely share this data to multiple users at different locations around the corporate network or Internet.

  • Record™ Events

    Approve™ can automatically post a logbook entry into the Record™ logbook each time a prove is entered on to the system, accepted or struck through. Each logbook entry links back to the original prove certificate in Approve™.

  • Flow Computer Integration

    The prove results can either be manually entered into Approve™ or automatically collected from the flow computer (when used in conjunction with Acquire™ or Profile™) for accurate error free record keeping.

  • Prove Certificates

    The prove results are presented on a printable prove certificate that clearly explains the test results and the reason for the pass or fail, as well as providing advice on the next steps should a prove fail its tests.

  • Flow Computer Report

    The flow computer generated prove report can be attached to the prove results, providing full traceability all the way back to the originally generated prove data.

  • Prove History

    Every prove result from every flow meter is stored in the database, providing a complete and auditable prove history that tracks each meter’s performance.

  • Predicted Proves

    Approve™ performs data regression analysis on data from historical proves to predict what the meter factor should be for any given flow rate. This predicted meter factor is calculated alongside each prove to allow metering engineers to see how much the current meter factor deviates from the predicted value. Approve™ will allow the metering engineer to accept the predicted meter factor instead of the proved meter factor if they are unable to obtain an acceptable meter factor from the prover for any reason.

  • Base Curve – Meter Factor Linearisation

    Every time a meter’s base curve is updated, Approve™ stores the results for the previous base curve, resets the current prove history and control charts, and automatically allocates all new proves to use the new base curve. Historical prove results recorded against previous base curves are retained for full audibility and traceability.

  • Control Charts

    Approve™ uses the historical data from each prove to generate a series of high quality control charts that clearly illustrate the results of each test and how the meter has been performing over extended periods of time.

  • Meter Factor Verification

    Approve™ runs a series of tests on the data and presents the results with a clear pass or fail indication. These tests include deviation from the base curve; within the tolerance limit and deviation from the previous prove. All tests are performed in accordance to API chapter 13.2.