VIA - VIA™ – First mile connectivity for measurement

The VIA™ data gateway provides first mile connectivity for flow computers and other measurement RTUs by endowing them with 21st-century security and communications technology to finally bring edge computing to the world of measurement.

The complexities of modern flow computers, coupled with unreliable, low bandwidth communications to remote sites, make the process of gathering accurate, reliable and trusted measurement data a real challenge. This problem is only compounded when security and IT policies are factored in.

Because the VIA gateways are installed in the same panel as the flow computer, they can capitalize on the performance of the local network to capture high-resolution real-time data, batches, proves, alarms, audit events and reports at a custody transfer resolution. Edge intelligence allows measurement data to be normalized and for underlying issues to be raised as soon as they occur and flagged for immediate attention.

But solving the first mile communications is only half of the story, and as such, the VIA is part of a much larger ecosystem. Profile™ is an enterprise-level measurement historian that automatically receives data from the VIA over an encrypted, authenticated, one-way link and makes it accessible on the enterprise network so that it can be shared by users, data platforms and third-party business systems alike.

Whether you’re seek an on-prem or cloud-based solution, VIA and Profile solve the first-mile conundrum with simple, secure plug-in-and-go solutions specifically designed for oil and gas measurement.

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