VIA - VIA™ – The gateway to Big Data

Big Data and IIoT have huge potential for measurement but they’re often misunderstood to be a magic solution to everyone’s data problems. In fact, these high-level IT concepts only become useful once a layer of application and domain intelligence is applied.

VIA and Profile now provide this layer of measurement intelligence in a purpose-built solution that uses the latest technology to centrally manage measurement data across an entire network of flow computers.

The VIA is an IIoT data gateway that collects real-time measurement data securely from a flow computer and transmits it securely to a Profile server on the enterprise network. This big data is published into a “measurement data lake” where it can be shared with the measurement team and other corporate users.

This approach allows high-resolution measurement data to be easily captured, stored and analysed, and flow computer configuration changes to be monitored. Applying analytical tools to this data allows measurement problems to be spotted early, so that any mismeasurements can be rectified quickly and easily.

Using IIoT and big data in this way bestows measurement teams with the next generation of data analysis tools to manage the entire measurement process.

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