Acquire™ Case Study: Metering HMI for LPG Tanker Unloading Terminal

NORTHCHURCH, England, March 3rd 2016.

Ambrit worked closely with JESCO to integrate Acquire™ at Habas’ LPG Importation Terminal in the Izmit region of Turkey, close to Turkey’s largest refinery Tupras.


Tankers unload at a jetty 150 metres offshore and two 14” pipelines carry the LPG back to the onshore metering station.

The pipelines also serve three other gas companies and historically the quantity of LPG received had to be checked by manual calculation of density and physical observation of the spherical tank level.

JESCO has now integrated a state-of-the-art metering skid which uses Coriolis meter technology to measure online density and the quantity of LPG at 0.05% uncertainty.


The transaction process is monitored and controlled by Acquire™, which communicates with a Micro Motion 3700 batch controller to retrieve and archive the data. Acquire™ also produces a customised loading report which is automatically emailed to key personnel and delivered to government authorities via OPC.


Hamid Jafari, Managing Director of JESCO, commented, “Acquire™ is a powerful solution and was a great fit for this project. The speed of integration was a great benefit for JESCO and our client”.

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