The aim of any metering station is to provide the highest level of accuracy possible, by ensuring all equipment is fully calibrated and addressing any mismeasurements as soon as they occur, so that customers can be reliably and timely billed for the the exact amount of product delivered to them each and every time.

Metrology is a collection of metering applications that helps manage the entire measurement operation. By capturing data from a wide variety of different sources starting from the flow computer all the way through to accounting allows issues to be quickly identified and resolved. This ensures that the data the measurement system produces is always of the highest standard and accuracy.

Metrology also maintains a complete and traceable history of every single metering event that occurred. This meticulous level of record keeping can be used to clearly demonstrate best practice to interested third parties such as customers, partners, auditors and government agencies.

Metrology™ features

  • Enterprise metering portal with all measurement data in one place
  • No more distributed and uncontrolled spreadsheets!
  • Fully traceable from point of measurement through to accounting
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance and best practice
  • Accurate and timely billing
  • Integrates with other back end office systems
  • Easy to implement