Daniel FloBoss S600 Metering Supervisory HMI Computer

Acquire endows the Daniel FloBoss S600 Flowcomputer with the ultimate supervisory HMI display.

There is no such thing as a standard FloBoss S600 flowcomputer configuration. The FloBoss S600 can be setup in many different ways and can be applied to almost any oil or gas fiscal measurement task. The S600 is an incredibly versatile machine and can handle any type of metering application from a simple single stream gas orifice system to a complex multi stream liquid turbine system. Furthermore the scope of the application can be extended with customized calculations and other complex features.

Even though each FloBoss S600 flowcomputer can be individually setup to reflect specific requirements of various oil and gas metering stations, Acquire understands just how each Floboss S600 has been configured and is able to use this information to automatically build a high quality supervisory HMI interface, including the P&ID, data screens, charts, alarms, audit trail and reports in just a matter of minutes.

Connecting Acquire to the FloBoss S600 is incredibly easy. Acquire automatically manages the connection to one or more S600 and provides seamless Modbus communications to the flowcomputer regardless of whether they are connected via serial or Ethernet. Furthermore, Acquire has built in support for redundant communications, so if one connection to a FloBoss S600 goes down, Acquire will automatically switch to the secondary connection.

Although the S600 features a rudimentary web server, this in reality is little more than a duplicate of the front panel display and menu system and is not really conclusive for use as an operator interface. Acquire’s web based graphical interface makes the full range of supervisory functions accessible with a standard web browser and extends access out onto the local intranet for secure, remote access by operators, technicians and management.

The Acquire Supervisory HMI software is the world’s only shrink wrapped metering supervisory software that natively supports the Daniel Floboss S600 flowcomputer. This unique approach allows high quality, comprehensive metering supervisory HMI solutions to be created without any customized software, enabling the system to be built quickly, easily and without risk.