Approve™ Flow Computer Integration

Prove results can either be manually entered into Approve™ or automatically collected from the flow computer (when used in conjunction with Acquire™ or Profile™) for accurate error free record keeping.

Approve™ supports a range of flow computers:

  • Omni 6000 prover
  • Omni 3000 prover
  • FloBoss S600 prover
  • FloBoss S600 prover
  • Spirit Flow-X prover

Approve™ Overview

Approve™ is a web-based tool designed to effortlessly manage all the prove data generated by flow computers. The prove results from every prove performed are stored in a centralised database, creating a comprehensive and accurate prove history.


This prove data can be shared instantly and securely across an entire corporate intranet or over the Internet, enabling technicians, auditors, operations and management to monitor the performance of every meter on the system.

Please contact Ambrit for more information about Approve™.