Acquire™ Styled Reports

Acquire’s unique Styled Reports allow high quality, fully customisable reports to be generated with embedded data directly from the flow computer.

Any field from the flow computer can be added to the report using the drag-and-drop interface. Fields can be presented in any order with user-defined captions. The reporting base time, frequency and data collection intervals can also be configured as required.

The intuitive word processor allows fonts and text sizes, colours and formatting to be customised. It is also possible to import images to add corporate branding or illustrate report data. Text and images can be copied between reports to maintain consistency across styled reports.

All reports downloaded into Acquire are stored forever and can be accessed from a graphical calendar.

Published reports can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Archive
    Reports can be archived to a local disk, remote server or CD/DVD for long term storage.
  • Email
    Reports can automatically be emailed to a designated recipient in text, HTML or PDF format. This way, relevant reports will be emailed to you while others can be sent to colleagues for further analysis or direct to Accounts for processing.
  • Print
    Reports can automatically be printed to a local or network printer as soon as they are generated.