Acquire™ Application Development

Acquire is a unique, off the shelf supervisory HMI product that offers great advantages for the quality, speed and costs of system deployment.

All the functionality required to build a metering HMI is provided by Acquire™ straight out of the box, without the need for time consuming and expensive custom software engineering to get it working, tested and installed.

Automatic HMI

Acquire™ uses a simple setup wizard to configure the HMI. Enter basic information about the station and flow computer communications and Acquire™ will interrogate each flow computer in turn and then automatically build a fully secure, multi-user metering HMI in a matter of minutes.


The whole system interface – including P&ID, data screens, charts, alarms, audit trail, batching and proving screens – are generated automatically. As soon as the interface has been built, Acquire™ starts collecting real time information and it can be immediately viewed in the HMI.

The unique drag-and-drop interface in Acquire™ makes it simple to customise every aspect of the HMI to reflect your metering system. The P&ID layout, fields on the data screens, trended data and even the look and feel of reports can all be configured without recourse to expensive bespoke software engineering.

Rapid Deployment

Acquire’s approach simplifies the way that HMI systems are put together. No longer is the HMI on the critical path of a project. Acquire turns the most difficult part of the project into the most straight forward and makes Factory Acceptance Tests a formality rather than a headache.

Acquire not only speeds up development, it also reduces the technical expertise required to put together measurements systems and also removes the technical risk from the HMI part of the project.

Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership is also reduced once Acquire has been installed and is up and running. Conventional systems are generally engineered differently on a project-by-project basis dependant on a number of factors such as the HMI software platform, the flow computers and on which system integrator was used; any changes often need to be made by the original software engineer that wrote the original system!

Acquire produces a consistent, standard interface regardless of the type of flow computer or system integrator used. This all helps keep training and maintenance down to a minimum and it is all backed up with great support.

Acquire makes obsolescence a thing of the past. The software is backwards compatible all the way to version one – giving the freedom to upgrade as and when new features become available or when future hardware platforms dictate it. And because Acquire is a packaged solution, the complete software and all future updates can be downloaded direct from the web site at