About Ambrit

Our Products

Ambrit is a leading provider of hardware and software solutions for the oil and gas industry, combining a wealth of expertise in the hydrocarbon industry with over 20 years of developing innovative software technologies.

Metrology™ suite of software products

Ambrit’s Metrology™ suite of enterprise-level metering products – including data acquisition and reporting, volume and mass balancing, validationcalibration, uncertainty and data acquisition solutions –  has been purpose-designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue at every stage of the process, from the flow computer through to accounting.

Ambrit solutions remove the time delays, risk and high costs associated with traditional custom software and can be deployed as standalone products or combined to create unique integrated solutions.

VIA™ real-time-data gateway

The new VIA™ real-time data gateway overcomes the communications and security limitations of legacy RTUs, enabling real-time measurement data to be securely collected and distributed to the enterprise network.

Our Products