Ambrit News

  • Acquire™ v2.6 Distributed Metering HMI

    Distributed HMI systems made easy with Acquire™ NORTHCHURCH, England, September 23rd 2008. Ambrit Ltd announced that Acquire can now connect remote metering HMI servers together so operators and management can gain full access to distributed Omni 6000 and FloBoss S600 flow computers from anywhere on the network. Conventionally, building distributed metering HMI applications normally requires… Read more »

  • Acquire™ v2.6 Styled Reports

    Build Your Own Reports with Full Control NORTHCHURCH, England, August 6th 2008. Ambrit Ltd announced today that Acquire now includes styled reports. Users of flow computer based systems have long been limited to the plain fixed character width reports generated by the flow computer. Acquire™ now features a styled report editor. Users can build their… Read more »

  • Acquire™ v2.6 P&ID Views

    Views extend P&ID capabilities of Acquire™ NORTHCHURCH, England, July 28 2008. Ambrit Ltd announced today that Acquire provides support for multiple P&ID views. Acquire™ now not only provides a P&ID view of the metering station, but can now provide P&IDs for the upstream and downstream parts of the process too. To complement the new P&ID… Read more »

  • Acquire™ v2.5 Batch Scheduling and Batch Reporting

    Centralised Batch Control and Batch Reporting for Custody Transfer Metering from within the Acquire™ HMI Supervisory NORTHCHURCH, England, February 12 2008. Ambrit Ltd announced today that Acquire™ now features improved support for batch control and reporting for both ship loading and pipeline batching for oil and gas custody metering systems. Managing batched gas, crude oil… Read more »

  • Inventory™ v2.0 Setup Wizard

    Simplified Management of Metering Station Equipment NORTHCHURCH, England, June 28 2007. Ambrit Ltd today announced an upgrade to Inventory™, the core component of the Metrology™ suite, that will simplify setup and management of the site structure and equipment data. Setting up an Inventory server is really easy and can be performed entirely from the web… Read more »

  • Acquire™ and Profile™….. ROC

    Emerson ROC 809 – Web Enabled HMI Supervisory and S.C.A.D.A. NORTHCHURCH, England, May 17 2007. Ambrit Ltd. today announced that they have introduced Emerson’s ROC809 into  its family of native flow computers and RTUs for use with Acquire™ and Profile™. Now ROC 809 can benefit from HMI supervisory and solutions SCADA solutions out of the box. The… Read more »

  • Oval Conference Raises Ambrit’s Profile in the ASEAN Region

    NORTHCHURCH, England, May 11 2007. Oval Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. invited over 75 selected clients and Oval engineers from the Asia Pacific region to their ‘Gas Metering Technologies and The Next Generation HMI’ conference held in the historic Raffles Hotel, Singapore.  Iris Choong, Operations Director of Ambrit, attended as a delegate speaker to give a… Read more »

  • Acquire™ v2.5 Ajax Updates

    HMI Interface extended with Web 2.0 Support NORTHCHURCH, England, May 3 2007. Ambrit Ltd today announced an upgrade to Acquire™ that improves web page updates with full support for Ajax technology. Back in October 2000 there was no standard way of providing updates of real time data to the web browser. In order to solve… Read more »

  • Profile™ 2.0 Modem Support

    Real Time Data from Remote RTU over Dial Up Modem NORTHCHURCH, England, March 12 2007. Ambrit announces dial up modem support for connecting to remote RTUs in Profile™. The reach of Profile™ has been extended to include support for dial up modems, further increasing the diverse range of network topologies supported by the application. Operators… Read more »

  • Oval Represents Ambrit in the Asia Pacific Region

    NORTHCHURCH, England, February 22 2007. Ambrit Ltd. is pleased to announce that on February 22nd 2007 Iris Choong, Ambrit’s Director of Operations and Terry Chan, the Managing Director of Oval Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., signed an agreement appointing Oval Asia Pacific as the representative of Ambrit Ltd. and its products in the Asia Pacific region…. Read more »