Ambrit News

  • JESCO Appointed Exclusive Acquire™ Systems Integrator in Turkey

    NORTHCHURCH, England, April 13th 2015. Ambrit Ltd. is pleased to announce that JESCO Engineering Solution Company has been appointed as the exclusive Acquire™ Systems integrator in Turkey. JESCO has also been appointed as a non-exclusive reseller for Ambrit’s other flow related software products – Profile™ and the Metrology™ suite of applications – in the region…. Read more »

  • Dynamic Flow Computers Micro MV Remote Access with Profile™ v4.0

    Micro MVG and MVL web-enabled removed SCADA data collection NORTHCHURCH, England, September 9th 2014. Ambrit announced today that Profile™ v4.0 now includes full native support for the Dynamic MVG and MVL range of flow computers. Profile™ is a web based data acquisition and reporting tool designed to gather flow measurement data from the field. All… Read more »

  • Introducing Profile™ v4.0 Metering SCADA

    The SCADA solution for flow measurements & reporting NORTHCHURCH, England, July 24th 2014. Profile™ SCADA software collects measurement and business data from the field and brings it all back to a centralized server where it can be viewed, updated and analysed using just a web browser. The data collected can also be passed to other… Read more »

  • Introducing Calibrate™ v2.2

    NORTHCHURCH, England, June 17th 2014. Calibrate™ is a web enabled software solution designed to manage the entire calibration process online, including scheduling, calculations and archiving. Calibrate automatically schedules upcoming calibrations and maintains a record of every calibration performed to build a detailed and auditable calibration history. Calibrate v2.2 delivers performance improvements throughout the software plus… Read more »

  • Acquire™ Case Study – Power Plant Metering HMI

    NORTHCHURCH, England, May 8th 2014. Ambrit worked closely with SOCRATE SpA to install an Acquire HMI on a Gas Turbine Power Plant in Iraq. Acquire is the hub of the metering system, managing the dual network duty/standby Omni flow computers, communicating directly with a duty/standby PLC to acquire and display real time data from system… Read more »

  • Introducing Acquire™ v3.0

    NORTHCHURCH, England, March 25th 2014. Acquire v3.0 takes advantage of the latest operating system and web browser technology to deliver performance benefits to every aspect of the HMI, including: Wider web browser support Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8/9/10/11 and Safari ready Web browser acceleration Faster page loads and data querying HTML5 standards support Compatibility with… Read more »

  • FLOWCAL Export in Profile™ v3.2

    Export data from remote RTUs directly to FLOWCAL CFX files NORTHCHURCH, England, April 5th 2013. Ambrit Ltd. announced today that Profile now supports the Flow-Cal Common File Exchange (CFX) export format, enabling data to be exported directly from flow computers and other RTUs in the field straight into FLOWCAL application for accounting and further analysis…. Read more »

  • Cameron NUFLO Scanner 2000 Remote Access with Profile™ v3.0

    NUFLO Scanner 2000 – Web-enabled Remote SCADA Data Collection NORTHCHURCH, England, Sep 27th 2010. Ambrit Ltd. today announced that Profile v3.0 now includes full native support for the Cameron NUFLO Scanner 2000 flow computer. All of Profile’s built in functions, such as historical data, charting, alarms, audit trail and reporting now work seamlessly with the… Read more »

  • Acquire™ 2.7 Rail Car Loading

    Upgrade Provides Rail Car Loading from within the Acquire™ HMI Supervisory Server   NORTHCHURCH, England, July 21st 2010. Ambrit Ltd announced Acquire v2.7 with support for rail car loading. Acquire can now be used to handle rail car loading with an Omni 6000 and Mercury 2e intrinsically safe operator terminal. The rail car batch schedule… Read more »

  • Profile™ 3.0 Remote Data Gathering and Reporting

    Major new version for Profile™ released NORTHCHURCH, England, March 27th 2010. Ambrit Ltd announced a major upgrade to its Profile software with the release of Profile v3.0. Profile 3.0 represents a major redesign of the entire Profile software including the user interface, the communications engine and the database. Profile 3.0 provides lots of new features and is… Read more »